About Nuclear Wine Co.

Nuclear Wine Co. explodes the pretensions of wine drinking, and toasts the individual who is not afraid to enjoy wine from a can.

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We pay homage to the Nuclear scientists that came before us, who recognized the explosive energy that was harnessed inside the nucleus of an atom – the very center of everything. We’ve asked ourselves what the nucleus of this industry is, and the science is simple: at its core is the juice, and not the container you put it in. We are harnessing a Nuclear energy of our own, one that challenges us to stand up and say, “Yes we CAN.” We CAN crush our empties and pack our trash. We CAN enjoy high-quality wine at a great value, while reducing our environmental impact. We CAN redefine what it means to ‘Go Nuclear’. We encourage you to not just test your limits, but go beyond them – and take us with you.