Perhaps this begs another question: why is wine always found in a bottle?  When you think about it, cans have so many advantages over glass bottles, in terms of versatility, durability, and of course, portability.  We also think they're pretty hip.

Does wine in a bottle taste any better than in a can? The answer is no: there is no difference whatsoever. Our cans have a lining inside that protects the flavor from being affected by the metal. So whether you choose bottles or cans, what matters most is how well the wine tickles your taste buds.

Just consider the possibilities:

  • Wine always tastes better on a mountaintop (and cans are much easier to carry in your pack).
  • They are refreshing and convenient at the beach (and fit perfectly in the cooler).
  • They turn a hot tub into a party (and circumvent the no glass rule).
  • They stay chilled on the slopes, and make the chair lift back up more enjoyable.
  • They are easy to carry mountain biking, and don't require a corkscrew.
  • Pinky lifting is discouraged. Drink it any way you like, even straight from the can. No swirling necessary!

Nuclear Wine Co. provides serious wine in a not-so-serious enclosure, ready to satisfy with a pop of the top.

We toast the individual, not afraid to enjoy wine from a can.